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  • Brand Questionnaire

  • Brand Strategy

  • Mood Board​

Logo Design

  • Concept

  • 2 rounds of revisions

  • Primary Logo

  • Secondary Logo

  • Submarks

Brand Elements

  • Color Palette

  • Font System

  • Custom Pattern


  • Brand Manual

  • Print + Web Ready Files

Timeline: 3-4 weeks


Brand + Social

Includes everything in Seed Plan, plus:


  • Business Cards

  • ( 2 ) Tier One Items

Social Media

  • Cover Image

  • Post Templates

  • Story Templates

  • 5 Instagram Highlight Icons

  • 2 round of revisions


  • ( 1 ) Tier Two Item

§ Templates can be created

for any social media platform.

Timeline: 4-6 weeks


Brand + Social + Web

Includes everything in Sprout Plan, plus:



  • Web Discovery Questionnaire

  • Detailed Site Map


  • Custom Design

  • 2 rounds of revision

  • 6 pages

  • Custom Icons


  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Responsive Design


  • 1 Hour Launch Call

  • 2 weeks of Email Support

Timeline: 8-10 weeks

Design add-ons

Tier Three:

  • Packaging

  • 1 Page Website

  • Ecommerce Website

  • Wellness | Health guide

  • Booklet

  • Editorial

  • Contract

  • Media Kit

Tier Two: 

  • Email Template

  • Flyer

  • Brochure

  • Price List | Menu

  • Web Ad Campaign

  • Infographic

  • Poster

  • Invitation

Tier One: 

  • Letterhead + Envelope

  • Notepad + Pen

  • Greeting Card

  • Postcard

  • Sticker | Stamp

  • Tag | Label

  • Bag

  • Drinkware

Choose a plan

Plans that fit your needs

There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to branding. That's why each plan can be customized to fit your specific business needs. 

Take the first step.

Trust us, you'll wish you did it sooner.

Streamlined Process

Now that you selected a plan, I'm sure you're wondering "How does this all come together." Well, to eliminate that overwhelmed feeling and help our clients stay on track, we developed a simple eight-step process.  This process is organized into phases and applies to any plan. 




 Phase One

The first step is the most important one: learning about you.  By completing our questionnaire, we will uncover things like your business history, goals, and competition. With this information we will then build a strategic plan to help you achieve your goals and attract your target customer in a creative way. 




 Phase Two

This phase is, of course, everyone's favorite, because it's where your vision comes to life. With your strategic plan in hand, we will brainstorm ways to convert the meaning behind your business into visual elements. Your design will resonate with your audience and communicate exactly who you are. 




 Phase Three

Once we have brainstormed the best ideas, the revision phase begins. Working closely with you, we will edit your design until it's exactly what you hoped for. We find that two rounds of revisions is enough to finalize a design; however, we will continue revising until your vision is realized.   




 Phase Four

When you see your new design applied to real life scenarios, it validates your choices and brings your ideas to life. For this reason, we present your finalized designs in the form of mock-ups. After you receive the project presentation, you will receive all of the design files in an organized Google Drive folder. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, this FAQ answers any questions you have regarding the process and what to expect. If your question isn't listed, feel free to reach out at

  • What kind of clients do you work with?
    We work with business owners who have a passion for the environment. Your business doesn't have to be environmental in nature, but it should help to minimize harm done to the planet. Businesses we've worked with in the past include, organic farmers, nutritionalists, eco-lifestyle bloggers, up-cycle boutiques, and all natural cosmetic suppliers.
  • Do you work with clients located outside of Los Angeles?
    Yes! We have helped entrepreneurs all over the world elevate their brand. Communication can take whatever form suits your style (email, phone, and/or zoom).
  • What if the project that I have in mind isn't listed on the services page?
    The projects we've listed on our service page are projects we find to be the most useful for businesses just starting out. However, if your business has a need not shown, please let us know, chances are we can help with that too.
  • What happens if I need more than 2 revisions?
    Because our process begins with strategy, we are usually able to finalize your design with very few refinements. In the event you need more than two revisions, we will work diligently to complete your design at our hourly rate.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Due to the nature of design projects, we only offer full refunds prior to work commencing. If the project has already begun, we may be able to give a refund based on the amount of time spent and work completed.
  • How do I get started?
    To get the ball rolling, you should submit the form on our contact page. Once we receive your inquiry, we will contact you to set up a phone consultation, where we will discuss the details of your project.
  • Can I start with brand identity and then hire you to design my social and website later?
    Absolutely! The plans are meant to be a jumping off point for you to begin the process. Choose whichever plan fits your budget currently and feel free to add services as you continue to grow down the road..
  • I already have a logo, can I hire you to design my website?"
    The short answer is yes, however, we try to avoid this when possible. To maintain the quality and integrity of our portfolio, we may deny projects where the logo conflicts with our overall aesthetic.
  • Do I need a copywriter or photographer?
    That's up to you. We do not write your copy or take your photos (stock images are provided), so you will have to manage your own content. However, we can recommend affordable copywriters and photographers if you would rather not do it yourself.
  • Which website platforms are available for me to use?
    Our favorites are EditorX, Webflow, and Squarespace.
  • Do you purchase the hosting plan and domain name for me?
    No. We can give recommendations on which plan best suits your needs, but you will need to purchase a plan in order for your site to go live. Most sites include a free domain with a hosting plan.
  • Will you help me maintain my site after launch?
    No. We provide 2 weeks of support after launch to answer any questions you may have. You will also receive a video tutorial teaching you about the backend of your site.
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