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Ideas like no other

Mttr Design Co. is proud to be one of the few black female-owned design studios in Los Angeles. For this reason, we will always strive to bridge the gap between good design and minority communities.

Roni H. Mosley

Meet the woman behind the magic.

Hello! I'm a brand designer, located in Los Angeles, CA, helping  eco-friendly entrepreneurs in every timezone with their branding and web design needs. But this isn't where my story begins.


My creative journey actually starts during my childhood, where I first fell in love with taking a blank canvas and transforming it into something meaningful and unique. As I grew up, I gravitated towards fashion design and even declared it as my major in college. 


It wasn't until my sophomore year, when I took an intro graphic design course, that sparked my love for design and changed the trajectory of my creative career forever. Needless to say I changed my major and never looked back. After graduation, I began freelancing and eventually landed a job as an in-house designer.


I was a designer for 8 years, before I realized I was unfulfilled. My passion for designing was no longer enough to keep me satisfied as a designer. I wanted my designs to have an impact on society, rather than simply being beautiful. It seems like common sense now, but combining my passion for design with my desire to create a healthier environment was the best thing I could have done for myself.


Mttr Design Co. has given me the opportunity to find meaning in my work and help like-minded business owners elevate their planet-saving dreams. My goal is to encourage people to consider their impact on the environment and I couldn't have asked for a more fulfilling purpose. 

Branding a better future.

We partner with sustainable businesses because we understand how the actions we take today can impact the lives of future generations. Our hope is that by taking a stance we will encourage more designers and entrepreneurs to adopt ethical, eco-friendly practices.

✦ Mission

Mttr Design Co. exist to inspire, brand, and advance businesses who care about protecting our planet and its people.

✦ Vision

We design for a world where every business is sustainable, where humanity coexist with nature in harmony, and where all people are able to thrive.

We donate 10% of our annual revenue to non-profits with a passion for helping people and protecting the planet. 

✦ Commitment

Mttr Design Co. values...


We will always think about people, the planet, and profits in that order.

Ethical Practices

We promise to do what is honest, transparent, lawful, and kind.


We strive to create designs that are inspiring, memorable, and connective.

Measured Action

We develop a strategic plan for every project to insure we achieve our objectives.


We cultivate positive experiences with our partners, clients, and within our studio.


We understand the value of sharing different perspectives, from different cultures. 

Your story deserves to be told, sustainably.

Let us help! We love working with entrepreneurs to manifest their planet-saving dreams.

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